Life in Sheffield Hallam University

Our student life is going to end in 2 weeks time. so this is a look back at what happens in a day of the each member of bramall club.not only is her head big, but she is also a big gangster.... guys (especially kee wei, BEWARE!)

kenny showing off what he learnt from kama sutra...

boys will never get any cuter than this...

well, we dont only have fun. SHU students are also very hardworking... here's some proof

then, we are stylish as well. SHU students wants style in whatever they do and this includes using the computer...

vincent showing off his emperor style of going online.

adeline demonstrating to us on how to go online ...lonely style

if your legs are tired, let stephanie show you how to use the computer in style while resting your leg. BEHOLD THE ONE AND ONLY STEPHANINE'S LEG RESTING STAND...

Communication is Vital... accept that

to that special person.... you know who you are....

The reason why one of us does this because he thinks communication is important. You will need this credit to call your family to tell them about your flight back. To call your friends to talk to them about your assignment and you will need it to call him when you are leaving England on the 6th. Feel free to find out who this is but we will not let you know as this is a SMALL gift from a BIG man. Its something for the friendship…

Our Gay Editor

Kenny the Viking

Hello Everybody, meet Eric. Eric is a Viking. He is a viking from John O' Groats.

Now let's meet Kenny. Kenny is also a viking. He is a viking from Penang. But now he is in Sheffield. He is the Chief Viking of Bramall Club 23.

A little gay ain't it? Well, Kenny the viking has an assistant. His name is Wilfred. They are from Penang. Tey are best friend. they always go hunting together and they do a lot of other 'things' together also.
Kenny has got 2 hard nipples. He likes it when Edwin and Diane bite them. He feels 'high'.

Scotland Trip - Behind the Scene

After looking at the beautiful pictures in the previous post, its time to show the not so beautiful part of the trip. (WARNING: This post contains some images that are disturbing. Please do not continue if you are one of those faint hearted)

I don't know what are you trying to tell me but I know you are funny

Kenny promoting his new summer beach wear! Shorts and bikini in matching colour. Call 1-800-bramall23 to order!!! Call NOW!!!

Don't try this at home! If you do, make sure you wash your hands after that

St. Andrew is named after this person...

Looking at his face just makes me laugh my head off

Latest addition to Kama Sutra... Di@ne10 Doggie Style.. Try it. You'll enjoy it

Kenny finally found his long lost twin brother. See! They really look-alike

That's just so gay man!!

Something stuck in your ass, Wai Hong??

..... no comment

Caught red-handed!! Tangkap basah!! (mana basah, i tak tahu la...)

Vincent needed some ventilation for his little friend down there

Can you tell me which finger did he point up?... By the way, that pointing the middle finger with style! just look at that pose....

Erm~~! Yummy!! Still fresh... Adeline wanna taste?


remember this picture from the previous post?

This is what happened after Andrew landed...

Wow!! something steamy is going on here...

Pee-ing in the bestest scenery a man ask for...

(to be continued...)

Special Recipe from Special Someone

Happy trying


On 2nd of August 2007, history was made! Bramall 23 was in Scotland! The trip (more like a tour was FANTASTIC!). This entry will not end if I have described everything in words. So this is a sum up of what happen in the last 4 days. They say picture tells a thousand words, so we took thousands of pictures to tell millions and billions of words. Together with this entry will some of the best moments of the trip.

2nd August 2007 (7.50pm)
Left Sheffield and head to Lake District. Reached Lake District around midnight and it was too dark to see anything so drove all the way down to Glasgow.
3rd August 2007 (2.00am)
Arrive in Glasgow. Took some pictures in the city and spend sometime driving around to look for a place to sleep. Then spend a short nap in Hotel Volkswagon Transporter.

4am. Woke up and left for Fort William. Our first stop there was the Inverlochy Castle. Then to the famous site where Harry Potter movie was shot (only the train scene actually). The place was called Glenfinnan and the train is called The Jacobite Steam Train. And the last stop was Ben Nevis Whisky Distillery.

Around 1pm. Head north to Inverness. Drop by in Neptune’s Staircase and Loch Ness. Met Nessie the Loch Ness Monster there. Took some picture with him/her. Wasn’t that friendly.
Reached Inverness around 6pm. Visited the Inverness Courthouse. And spend some time in the city. Then went to a historic place in Inverness. It was the Culloden Battlefield. Didn’t see the battlefield. Just went there to make our BBQ dinner! Left at around 9.30pm and head further north to John O’ Groats.

4th August 2007 (2.30am)
Reached Dunkunsby Head, John O’ Groats. Slept in Hotel Volkswagon Transporter till around 4am to see the sun rise. The wind was so strong it almost blew Edwin away.
After the sunrise, head south to Isle of Skye. Stopped by in Kyle of Lochalsh. Had Scottish lunch in a hotel in Broadford. After that went to Elgol to take some pictures of The Five Sisters (nope! They are just mountains… not human) but couldn’t catch a glimpse of Cullin Hills. Next stop was Dundee. But we stopped by in Perth to rest. On the way to Perth got a huge scare no thanks to Vincent. (the way he shouted is still fresh in my head. DAMN!!)

5th August 2007 (time unknown)
Woke up from a good 9hours sleep (well some only had 5hours of sleep thanks to Vincent). Freshen up in a nearby petrol station and then drove to Dundee. Took a short stop there to take some pictures. And cross the Tay Bridge to go over to St. Andrew.
It was very busy in St. Andrew because they where having the Golf Britsih Open there. But none of us was interested. Went to the beach. The rain surely didn’t stop us from having fun.
Drove to Kirkcaldy to check in to our Bed & Breakfast. After checking-in, we went to Edinburgh. Went there for dinner and enjoy the night life they have in the city. It was fun. Bloody GPS played a prank on all of us. Took a long way there when we can actually reach the place in 5mins. Went back to Kirkcaldy after that and for the first time in the trip we are sleeping on a real bed!!!

6th August 2007
Checked out from our beautiful B&B. Had a nice Breakfast (Thanks Ernie and Nicola. You guys are the nicest people in Scotland) and head back to Edinburgh. Went to the Edinburgh Castle. Spent almost the whole day there and left Edinburgh for Newcastle at around 8pm.

7th August 2007 (1.30am)
Reached Newcastle. Took picture of the famous Millennium Bridge. Was suppose to have 4 bridges next to each other but could only see 3 but what the heck… it was beautiful scene

What they say…

Kenny: NO BRAMALL 23, NO FUN!!! It’s a great & unforgettable tour in my life. Thanks to everybody to make this tour successful. You guys are GREAT!

Vincent: Lucky I joined this trip to Scotland with the Bramall 23 gang. This trip was fun & meaningful. I spent all the money inside my wallet but it was worth it. Thanks all you guys in organising this trip.

Eason (Yee Sheng): Spend without thinking on the last day in Scotland. Bought those souvenirs that I wanted to buy. Great!

Wai Hong: Just want to say thanks to you all bunch of guys. You all have left a footpath in my heart. I won’t get that “happening” if wasn’t with you all. I think it’ll be sweet memories when I looked back after many years on.

-Ndrew- : First of all, thanks guys for making this journey (tour) so successful. Is an unforgotten experience during the days in Scotland. Only one word can represent Scotland… beautiful, beautiful and beautiful (Edwin: that’s 3 words!). Although we can’t get 5 star hotels but our tour MPV is enough to replace all of them. Haha… Although it is a trip, it just like attending school, many many new words can learn from it such as MAHAI, ^(#$@#$&$:”} (Diane’s outer space language). Haha… people stopping me from writing. I’ll continue it later on…. (to be continued)

^Cutie Lei^ (Adeline)
I never knew nine of us in this trip is a lucky star. Whole trip went smoothly. Go to John O’ Groats see sun rise, we manage to see it; at the last day we finally get our B7B for 9. get to go into Edinburgh Castle even when there’s only 2 hours left. It’s just fantastic! Ever since I thought I miss some sweet memories with my gang last year in UK but I gained another wonderful and unforgettable memory this year. Even though I’ve been bullied by these guys sometimes but I do enjoy this fantastic Scotland trip very much. Thank you all… I LOVE BRAMALL 23!!

Without joining you guys to this trip (tour), I really don’t know what is ‘fun’.. hahaha… Like what the “old people” say, 9 is the number of luck (feng shui). Before start our journey, when I know 9 people going… in my mind, I thinking this trip sure “Ho Sei Liow”. Really enjoy & have a lot of fun in this cool tour. Thanks guys for making this tour a successful and memorable Scotland tour to me & each of you guys. Hope this laughter and “big head” (Adeline) will bring Bramall 23 eternal fun!

My definition of SCOTLAND
S – Satisfying journey (valuable memories, worth the money and time)
C – Cooking BBQ (20 packets of instant noodles, 1 can of ham, 1 tin of

sardine, bacon, 3 cans of hotdogs, lettuce, tomatoes and cabbage… all

for 1 meal ONLY!!!)
O – Outstanding photos (13 GB collections of photos and videos)
T – Tipsy nights (sleeping beauties, monster & Transformers chic chick

chic)(Edwin: ok! Enough!)
L – Long routes (crazy ass GPS bringing us around the round-a-bout &

what’s up with Jimmy Chung!)
A – Alien Language (KANNA! CIPEAT! NA HUA ER HEN KE AI!!)
N – Naughty mates (the only other 8 mates I would want to go Scotland

D – Dazzling sceneries (10seconds photos featuring the cornflakes box)

In conclusion, everything turns out to be very good. Well actually better than what I had expected, except the part I got left behind at Inverness for 30 minutes in the cold! KANNA! Hehehe… 9 mates, 14 places around SCOTLAND in 5 days and 4 nights. BRAMALL 23 BESTEST RECORD!! JIAYOH, MUACKS… SIGINING OFF

Well I have been the noisiest and the most mischievous in this trip. I apologize if I have offended any of you. You all have been very nice and have taken care of me a lot. I thank you for that. You guys are really the bestest friend anyone can ask for. The tour will never be complete without anyone of us and it is a very perfect trip. Thank you guys very much!